trisha nakagawa

trisha nakagawa

nik naks fused glass




Trisha has been learning and experimenting with fused glass since 2007. She loves the entire process of glass fusing, from selecting each individual piece of glass to seeing her creations come to life in the kiln. She produces a range of colourful fused glass jewellery and home accessories under her company name: nik naks fused glass. When she isn’t in her studio, she can be found hanging out with her family in the mountains, trying to stay upright while mountain biking or putting her creative energy into knitting and baking some of the best cinnamon buns you will ever eat.

artist statement

My surroundings and my mood often inspire my creative process. Colour is very important to me in my glasswork. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and the colours I use in my glasswork often represent objects that I see or find walking on the trails near my home.