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Standards of Quality Jury

DUEJ_Summer glasses

The Standards of Quality Jury is an opportunity for CCBC members to have their work reviewed by an expert in their medium. This is an educational program offered by the CCBC to support members in their pursuit of creating professional contemporary craft.

CCBC strives to maintain a standard of excellence in craftsmanship. As such, all items sold through any of the CCBC social enterprises are required to submit their work to the SOQ for jury every 5 years. In order to sell work in any of CCBC’s social enterprise shops you must be a current member and have passed our Standard of Quality (SOQ) jury within the past 5 years.

In the following application are 2 forms. One for anyone applying for SOQ and one for store procurement and new inventory. If you would like to simultaneously apply for SOQ and store procurement, please submit both forms.

As we prepare to open or online shop in Fall 2019 we are streamlining these three processes into one application with an annual fee of $25 USD. The online shop will require high quality product images of each piece on a white background and more detailed information on the piece.

If you need extra support with Slideroom we will be hosting weekly office hours for phone or in person support. Please call 604.687.7270 for quick help or to schedule an appointment.

SOQ Resources
Before submitting to our Standards of Quality Jury, please read through these documents:

Upcoming 2019 Jury Dates & Deadlines

September 9th, 2019
(Submit your online documents: Aug 26th)
(Deliver your work/samples to be assessed: Sep 6th)

November 4th, 2019
(Submit your online documents: Oct 21st)
(Deliver your work/samples to be assessed: Nov 1st)