miriam de langley

miriam de langley

In conjunction with her CCBC gallery show, we asked artist Miriam de Langley to share with us a bit about herself, her inspiration, her audience and her other projects. 

The exhibition will be on view in our gallery from October 6 – November 24, 2022.

Please tell us about yourself: your journey as an artist, your creative process and what you are passionate about.

I have a passion for creating and believe in the importance of timeless heirloom-quality pieces that are thoughtfully crafted. Inspired by nature, geology and specifically unique gemstones, my interest in creating jewellery began with the merging of a passion for art and collecting interesting minerals.

What inspires you?

I followed my passion for creating and making. I first studied sawing and painting and then eventually goldsmithing in Toronto before seeking a Jewellery apprenticeship in Southern France, where I saw the magic of a real Atelier come to life. This inspired me to have my own custom jewellery studio where each piece is designed and made to order. Today I most enjoy creating custom engagement and wedding jewellery, using ethically sourced (or the customers own heirloom) gemstones and precious metals, working specifically with each client to bring each piece to life.

What is the audience response?

Most people are very interested learning about the process behind the work and how a ring goes from the concept to completion. So I love sharing photos allong the way as their piece is being created, customers really appreciate all the work that goes into it, and I think that makes it even more special for them.

Do you have other work or hobby?

Usually I’m outdoors enjoying nature or working outside. Most of my customers are from the sea to sky and are very active. living this lifestyle I know what kind of pieces people want to wear. It a practical thing but I know how to make them comfortable using a particular setting and stone heights. I can keep in mind that they want to wear their engagement ring under ski or bike gloves during the design process.

Miriam de Langley is an artist working with precious metals and stones. Her formal training took place in Toronto where she studied Fine Arts at OCAD and going on to Jewellery Arts at George Brown College.

Miriam’s passion is creating jewellery as sculptural talismans; she believes in the importance of handmade, lasting objects that are thoughtfully crafted and carry significance through a lifetime.