moss art

moss art: the beauty of nature at home

anna vagramova

july 28 - august 29, 2022

ccbc shop & gallery

Inspired by the colourful displays of nature of British Columbia, Anna creates art that displays the beauty of natural elements, carefully selected shapes and forms to create colourful compositions of lush preserved moss.

Preserved moss art can decorate even the darkest walls and does not require any care or water. This low maintenance interior design brings the luscious forest floor to any room.

Hanging composition piece of moss on your walls allow you to surround yourself with natural elements and satisfy your innate human desire to connect with nature We spend roughly 90% of our time in built environments; Anna’s moss art installations bring those natural elements indoors. Additionally, preserved moss is an excellent option for those who want a touch of green without the fuss of maintenance.

Anna Vagramova is a moss artist living in Port Moody. The nature of moss resonates with Anna’s career. As an immigrant from Ukraine, Anna left her home country to arrive in Vancouver, Canada in search of a better life. Much like the root-less nature of moss, Anna broke away from a familiar life to settle down in an unfamiliar place. Anna is a mother of two grown children, a writer of short stories, and an avid snowboarder.

Anna started creating her compositions two years ago, selecting shapes and forms to create colourful compositions of lush preserved moss. In 2021, Anna joined the Craft Council of BC, an organization that supports artists and artistic communities. In June of 2022, Anna and her partner participated in Fleurs de Villes Vancouver Flower Festival where they won the second prize in ‘The Most Creative’ design category with their flower installation of Viola Desmond, a feminist business leader and a fighter for African-American rights. Recently, she has exhibited at Fleurs De Villes Pride Festival in Yaletown.