collected, foraged and formed

Mountain Object Makers Cooperative is an artist run studio located in Function Junction, Whistler, BC. The members came together through their passion for making crafted objects, the desire to share space and equipment, and their love for their mountainous environment.

Each artist spends a great deal of time in the outdoors and brings to their practice a perspective that is informed by their direct environment. They collect information: be it physically by picking up artifacts, foraging deeper into the woods, photographing and sketching details, taking a quiet walk along the hiking trails, or skiing through fresh snow. In either glass, ceramics or silver each artist forms objects such as a vessel, piece of jewellery, sculpture or installation.  Their commonality is being inspired by the crafted form, and to create work that relates to the unique nature of living in Whistler.

Cooperative Members

Miriam De Langley: Jewellery silver, gold, gems and casting

Brittani Buettner: Jewellery-silver, gold and gems

Margaret Forbes: Ceramics- hand built and thrown vessels

Lynda Harnish: Ceramics- Cast Porcelain

Kathy Tidey: Ceramics-Thrown shapes

Trisha Nakagawa: Fused Glass

Jenny Judge: Kiln Cast Glass

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