new member Mark Qualizza

new member Mark Qualizza

Our new member Mark Qualizza tells us about how he went from journeyman stucco plasterer to designer, intrigued by the complexities of woodworking. Mark finds pleasure in the curves and elegance of wood and his commitment to form and function presents itself in his exceptional designs. 

Just in time for holiday shopping, Mark’s designs will be for sale in a Pop Up at the CCBC shop and gallery from Decemeber 19, 2021 – January 12, 2022. Details to come!

I’ve always believed that art and function go hand in hand.

My first career was as a journeyman stucco plasterer in Victoria, working with a master of the trade. I spent the better part of a decade doing cove and cornice work in heritage homes and making ordinary spaces sing with design element.

Since then, I started a family, and have enjoyed a very successful career in the resource industry, which  taught me a lot about complexities. Woodworking, while managing a high stress career, made me focus even more on the intricacies of design. Large pieces can be playful, and I loved losing myself in my shop trying to enhance traditional pieces.

“I’ve always belived that art and function go hand in hand

My fascination with joinery and engineering started with my first mechanic set as a child. I followed that interest into my father’s hobby shop where I was introduced to the magic of woodworking. The smells and textures. Shapes and function. Those things are still what inspire me.

My greatest design pleasure is curves. The elegance of a gentle curve catches my eye and imagination almost immediately.

My passion for design has only increased; I love the relationship between form and function. A well-constructed wood joint will last for decades and furniture suddenly becomes generational, not disposable. I design pieces that will stand the impacts of life, the bustle and bounty. Something that will enhance your everyday space and if I get it right, transform ordinary to extraordinary.

Art that is functional, elegant and every day is the art we tend to love the most. It’s why I love working with a client to shape everyday spaces.  

Functional art starts with a conversation.