news, exhibitions, and fun

news, exhibitions, and fun

around the council in june

We have re-opened and are back with more exhibitions and fun to come!

Currently on display in our window gallery, we have felt-artist, Debbie Katz’s, Beneath the Salish Sea. This show reminds us that this is a crucial time for many of the marine animals that live beneath the Salish Sea. The display of bright a colourful creatures highlights a selection of the 113 marine species that have been formally listed as being endangered or of concern.


The CCBC Shop & Gallery Window Exhibition Program is intended to create a platform for artists to engage with customers by animating our shop space and inviting guests to explore the diversity of contemporary craft. This is a chance for artists to explore a specific theme, tone or idea that not only considers technique and aesthetic, but responds to the space that the work is in and recognizes the importance of context within contemporary craft.

We are seeking installations that utilize the space in a creative capacity that considers viewers outside and within the shop, and to engage and evoke discourse on the role of craft in a compact environment. To distinguish the installation from the shop displays, and ensure a dynamic use of space, we encourage projects that use creative alternatives to traditional plinths.

The window installations are meant to encourage customer interaction, excite curiosity, and add a focal point of interest to our space with the themes, ideas and visual language that they present.

Click here for complete guidelines.


Looking Glass: The Apertura Series

Gallery Exhibition
CCBC Gallery
Aug 13 – Sept 24, 2020

This series of vessels is the result of Laura Murdoch’s recent interest in patterned amphoric shapes. Departing from previous work, this series of vessels is smaller and heavier – with some vessels reaching fifteen pounds. Their heft is a result of encasing numerous layered patterns inside glass, an advancement in Murdoch’s labor-intensive patterning process. With each new layer, the object is cooled, patterned in a sandblaster, and reheated for continuation. The open and humble shape of Murdoch’s newest vessels permits the viewer to concentrate on colour and pattern. By cutting the object in cross section, the artist brings into sharp focus the intricacy of the layered internal structure. “Each outer layer becomes a window, allowing partial glimpses through to the inner layers.”


We understand that many of the retail spaces and summer markets that you usually sell your work in, may be closed or cancelled so we’d like to give members the opportunity to sell their work and demonstrate their craft in a large open space where you are sure to get an audience – Granville Island.

We will be setting up a tent out front of the Council with access to electricity and water. Given the situation we all find ourselves in, we won’t be charging the usual $50/day fee – and yes, all proceeds from your sales are yours. Please reach out to us for more information.

For list of dates that the space is available and the specs you will need to consider, please download the guidelines here.


Show us your making space! Take us through your studio in a guided visit to learn about your making process, materials, and favourite tools. 

It is our hope that these videos will give the craft-loving public a glimpse into the process of creating craft.

Using your phone in landscape format only, record a 3-5 minute video in MP4 format. Fill out the form below and send us your video. If your file ends up being too big please send it thru to [email protected]. If you have any questions about this project please contact Alex at [email protected].


We want to promote your work across our social media channels and to be able to have content at the ready when requested, but first we need you to give it to us!

Use this form to submit

  • a photo of you – where it was taken and who took it
  • a studio shot – what were you working on in this shot
  • a photo of a tool you can’t live without and tell us why
  • and finally an image of your latest work and what was the inspiration for itL