Pop-Up Craft | Blog 1

Pop-Up Craft | Blog 1

Upcycled Wood Keychains with Billy Would Designs | June 3

“I recently had the chance to host the first summer Pop-up Craft at Lot 19. As an artist who generally works alone, this was such a wonderful experience and break from my regular routine. The opportunity to connect with the public in an neighbourhood that doesn’t usually have something like this offered was great. I loved how curious and eager people of all ages were to pause what they were doing and join in. It was such a welcoming and fun activity, everyone went away with something that they got to make themselves. Having the staff and volunteers there meant lots of creative helping hands and friendly faces to engage people. The feedback I received was so positive. Everyone loved the free activity and were excited to come out to more events like this. Tourists and locals alike enjoyed it, coming together with strangers to make art is a great chance to meet new friends and have exciting conversation.”

~ Adea Chung (Billy Would Designs)

DIY Mandala Stones with Kim Mackay | July 8

Introducing a new type of art is hard and as a businesswoman and a dot artist, I am always looking to collaborate with art institutions to help increase the awareness of this new dot art form and to share the fun, and easy activity.

At our pop-up workshop in July (graciously hosted by Craft Council of BC), we had a chance to show and teach the public how to use the mandala dotting tools.  In 3 hours, we had over 80 unique stones dotted and was attended by people from all walks of life and ages.  Some include a visiting Texas family, an award-winning Sri Lankan cinematographer, a local artist and businesswomen stopping with their lunch for just 5 minutes to name a few.

Attending the pop-up helped spread the art and engage in those that are skeptical about trying something new. It allows me to step away from my four walls to engage with my customers and to kickstart that creativity again.

~ Kim Mackay (DIY Mandala Stones)