quiet places

quiet places

bev ellis, debra frances & sue gordon

on view in gallery: august 11 - september 29, 2022

artist talk & opening reception: 6:00p, august 11
ccbc shop & gallery

These three artists are developing links between ceramics, encaustic painting, printmaking and bookbinding. They seek to discover a unified contemporary use of conventional materials in both an unconventional and traditional practice. Their cultural and personal narrative is concerned with the substance of things, and the nature of each medium and its structure and feel. Each are exploring ideas of containment, wholeness and hope. Rather than despair over the loss of or destruction of the environment, while realizing that much more can be discussed, they choose instead to celebrate the physical properties and mythical histories to remind viewers of the constant beauty and strength inherent in the world of trees.

Ellis, Frances and Gordon are three Western Canadian artists with many years of experience between them: Ellis, an award-winning ceramic sculptor from BC; Frances, an experienced Manitoba bookbinding artist; and Gordon, a painter/printmaker using encaustic medium. The three artists have recently begun combining their talents and expertise to build unique book sculptures. While creating a symbiotic understanding of how each element is crucial to the final result, the artists discuss form, content and meaning. They separately form ceramic covers, wood inserts and encaustic paintings and prints. These are then bound into functional books. All three artists use materials sourced from places meaningful to them. Land, trees, seas and skies become books which contain their combined efforts to remind the viewers of their own experiences with the Canadian landscape.

Bev Ellis
Debra Frances
Sue Gordon

virtual visitors book

Hi Bev, just popped in to see the show. Gorgeous complicated pieces as always - Carol Demers
Stunning work! So serene ♥ - Anonymous
Gorgeous concepts & surfaces ♥ - Anonymous
So cool ♥ - Anonymous
Magnificent - Anonymous
Such imaginative and heartfelt expression of life and spirit of nature - Anonymous
Brilliant - Anonymous
Beautiful work, love from New Zealand - Anonymous
Made me smile with delight! Merci - Anonymous
Love it! - Annette + Marck from Ottawa
Amazing! - Jay + Dea
Beautiful work... I am completely enthralled - Aileen
Love is what you make of it - Ethan + Taylor
Your gallery is absolutely wondefull. Thank you for having us - Neko and Sasha (Portland)
Amazing work, with such awe-inpiring detail, precision and thecnique! - Mallory
Beautifully put together! - Katlyn
These books are amazing in concept, imagination and execution. Thank you - Anonymous
Lovely whimsical work! I enjoyed your on-line talk - Joanne Brown
I'm obsessed with the tree texture! So life-like! The combo of ceramic, paper & encaustic is magical! Love it! - Sarah
Love it all! - Em
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