2024 earring show
craft + culture

2024 earring show
craft + culture

the earring show 2024

kate gardenier, emerging artist 2023 winner

opening event

7p | Thursday, May 9, 2024

on view at ccbc gallery

7p | May 9 - 23, 2024

for sale online starting

8p | May 9 - August 31, 2024
burcu buyukunal, limited edition 2023 winner
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The Craft Council of BC presents The Earring Show, an annual exhibition that highlights contemporary jewellery design. The exhibition sheds light on the timeless connection between craft and culture, and how they influence each other. The event provides a novel opportunity for the general public to engage with contemporary craft.

The opening reception will be held at 7p on May 9, 2024 at the CCBC Gallery where the winner of each category will be announced. The Earring Show as an exhibition will be available for viewing in the CCBC gallery until May 23 at CCBC and will be posted online until August 31, 2024.

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Opening reception of The Earring Show at 7pm at the CCBC Gallery
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opening reception: 7p | may 9, 2024

Join us for the opening reception of The Earring Show 2024!  We are thrilled to welcome everyone to our space to take a first-hand look at the wide variety of earrings made by artists from around the world.

At the reception, we will offer drinks and nibbles while you try on your favourite pair! You’ll be able to purchase earrings and take them home the same day.

All attendees will be entered into a draw for a door prize with goodies from our partners!

Purchase earrings online starting 8p | May 9, 2024
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shop online: may 9 – august 31, 2024

The Earring Show continues to be hosted online to where people around the world can view the wonderful works submitted by national and international artists. Earrings will be for sale online from May 9 until August 31, 2024. 

Preview the earring collection starting April 25.

While the exhibition ends on May 23, pairs of earrings will be available for view at the gallery upon request.

earrings: craft and culture

The Earring Show serves as a unique space that presents earrings as art, culture and a snapshot of contemporary high-level craftsmanship. Over the past 7000 years, earrings have acted as a window into cultural practices. At times, earrings have been used to introduce new norms into culture, at other times, culture has been expressed through earrings. The exhibition recognizes the importance of earrings throughout history in their various roles, from adornment and status markers, to protest and cultural statements.

This year, the exhibition sees over 200 handmade earring submissions from around the world, made from an extensive variety of mediums. These earrings are never neutral; they express a passion for art, design, technique, a societal concern, a cultural statement, or simply the physical expression of the artist’s craft. The artwork often relays a story that speaks to a part of the makers’ identity. Through the exhibition, these unique pieces and their stories have the potential to become a part of the wearers’ own story. This reflects one of the goals of the Show – to create shared experiences around craft between makers and wearers.

The Earring Show began as a one-day local event, and over the past 11 years, it has grown in its scope, meaning and representation – while always acting as a contemporary reflection of craft and culture. Today, The Earring Show is a hybrid event, displaying earring submissions both at the CCBC gallery in Vancouver and online CCBC Shop.

artwork categories

Artists who submit their artwork to The Earring Show can do so under one of 3 categories: One-Of-A-Kind, Limited Edition and Emerging Artists. 

One-Of-A-Kind pieces are just that – one-of-a-kind. They are unique earrings that are neither mass produced nor produced in a limited run. These earrings have a special combination of characteristics, materials and craftsmanship that make them irreproducible. 

Limited Edition earrings are pieces produced in limited runs that demand careful and skilled craftsmanship for consistency. While pieces in this category can have multiples reproduced, there are still slight variations among them, due to the properties of the materials (e.g., variations in gemstones, for example), design decisions from the artist (e.g., variations in colour with dyed materials) as well as the handmade nature of the artwork.

Emerging Artists can apply as they go through the early stages of their making career. The Earring Show aims to provide a space for students, early graduates or self-taught makers that have recently started out. 

A jury will select a winner from each category to receive a prize for their work.
The awardees will be interviewed and announced at the opening night on May 9, 2024.