textile impressions

textile impressions

textile impressions

aelita aghuzumtsyan

august 4 - september 2, 2023

ccbc shop & gallery

Textile Impressions is a silk art installation by Aelita Aghuzumtsyan, featuring panels resulting from the artist’s experimentations with batik and resist techniques in all directions, translated into silk.

The installation invites the viewer to let the mind run free: free from the constraints of logic and reason; to explore the new space of imagination where hidden truths and profound revelations can come to light. In the search for meaning, feeling lost in the abundance of possibilities, exploring endlessly, hoping to discover the illusory meaning that ties it all together. However true understanding begins to unfold when we give up our relentless pursuit.

On the one hand, these pieces show the dynamics of my dreams, which lead to infinity, and how far removed they are from reality. On the other hand, the upheavals between traditional and free, individual understandings.

The artist’s fascination with fabrics and silk as a medium has always inspired her to find new shapes, colours and lines. In nature, colours are related to each other. When working with colours, the artist is torn between listening to her nature, or looking at nature. Both follow their own laws of form. Both sides influence the world of the other and interpret it in their own way. Her goal is to create harmony, a complement between the colours so that a pleasant whole emerges.

“Sometimes it seems impossible to live in harmony with our natural rhythms. Having lost their feel for this rhythm or do not trust it. At the same time, many of us feel a longing to reconnect more deeply with our rhythmic nature so that our lives can flow as gracefully and easily as possible. My colours give me the possibility to be in search of connection.”

Aelita Aghuzumtsyan grew up in Armenia, where she studied art technology for textile design at the State Institute of Fine Arts in Yerevan, in 1996. Since then she started to paint on different types of silk, using exquisite silk painting techniques. After the completion of her degree, Aelita moved to Dresden, Germany where she enhanced and further developed her skills as a graphic designer and worked most of the time for advertising agencies but never lost focus on her passion, arts on silk. She was able to present her work at art fairs in Berlin, Munich, and Dresden, and also attended some previously in Armenia.

Inspired by her dreams, reflections on her homeland, and her connection to colour, pattern, and nature, Aelita’s silk paintings capture her artistic vision. After moving with her two boys and her husband to Vancouver in 2016, she put silk art on a temporary hold to pursue her goals as a graphic designer. However, this break brought new experiences, discoveries, and dreams with it. In 2020, Aelita set up her home studio to follow her artistic passion.