wearing my art on my sleeve

wearing my art on my sleeve

In conjunction with her CCBC window exhibition, Corrina Hammond shares her experience as she transforms her Draperies into Duds.

The installation will be on view in our gallery window until January 25, 2023. 

“taking the scissors to the drape was distressing.

Taking the scissors to the drape was distressing. I knew I was about to render the drapery into a potentially ugly and no longer utile item.

I could not be sure what the curtain would do once I began cutting the patterns out. I hoped they’d resemble a human shape. The hanging sheers behind the draperies behave as undergarments,
providing modesty for the gaping holes.

A performative exhibit and the possible public failure has me on tender hooks. I have limited experience sewing and pattern making and I struggle to find the art in the exhibit. I therefore look to the analogy within the draperies, The textile provides comfort and protection from outside.

The destruction of the draperies renders them useless, stripped of their effectiveness. The fabric awaits its new use, rebuilt, to provide comfort and protection again, in the form of a garment.

Will art arrive in the objects? Did I destroy the art, objects duds?
For the time being, I’ll be wearing my art on my sleeve.