artist interview: jenny judge

artist interview: jenny judge

In conjunction with her CCBC gallery show, we asked artist Jenny Judge to share with us a bit about herself, her inspiration, her audience and her other projects. In this interview, Artist Jenny Judge provides us with a deeper glance at how she has developed her passion for a variety of materials. Moreover, she tells us about the importance of time for her work, the response from her audience so far and how she loves to spend her time whenever she is not working on a new project.

Phase Transition will be on view in our gallery from September 28 to November 23, 2023. 

tell us about yourself

“I am an installation artist and integrate craft-based processes and materials in my work (i.e. kiln-cast glass, fibre, mould-making, ceramics, and found objects…). I have always been interested in a variety of materials and processes and not settling for one way of working. Whether knitting with my mother at an early age or learning kiln-cast glass while our family lived in New Zealand, I am constantly exploring materiality and ways of making.  I received a BFA in sculpture and printmaking in 1983 from Queen’s University. I have had two winter residencies at The Banff School of Fine Art and completed an MFA in sculpture in 1991 at The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. I am interested in capturing moments in time, and the pieces can take years to complete. I allow time to seep into the making and inform the direction of the work.  In this current installation, “Phase Transition,” I capture the moment a drip of paint freezes onto a string, and I sit and write about it. Writing is essential to my practice, and my installation work is much like creating a poem over time; it is ephemeral, layered, and metaphoric, but also succinct and crafted.”

what inspires you? 

“I learned to knit when I was ten years old, and I have memories of sitting with my mother while we talked, knit, drank tea, and counted stitches. I reach into this moment and explore its stillness and comfort when I create new pieces. I think the sharing and noticing of moments moved me to be an artist, though I didn’t recognize this right away. It has taken me years of material exploration to feel comfortable and reside in the space of not knowing, trusting processes and allowing time to pass.”

“I allow time to seep into the making and inform the direction of the work.

what has been your audience’s response to your work?

“My viewers often speak to me about the sense of familiarity in my choice of materials and enjoy the new ways I combine them. The overall installation is inviting but can be overwhelming and challenging to take in all at once. The detail of the individual pieces draws them in for a closer look, developing a relationship and a conversation between them and the objects.”


what activities do you enjoy when you’re not working on your art?

“I particularly enjoy taking our crazy 2-year-old corgi, Idaho-Bill, for his morning walk – it is a great way to start the day and set a positive tone. I forge out moments in my day to write or jot down ideas, and I love the landscape I live in and walking or skiing through it. I have two wonderful adult children who are very creative and a two-year-old granddaughter who is inspiring in her ability to notice the small things we adults often miss.”

about jenny

Jenny Judge grew up in Ontario and received a BFA from Queens University focusing on sculpture and printmaking.  She attended two residencies at The Banff School of Fine Art in Studio Art and Fiber Art in the late 80’s. She holds an MFA in sculpture from the University of Minnesota (1992) and works in various materials such as clay, fibre, and glass that she integrates into installation work.  She has exhibited her work extensively in Canada and abroad.