annual exhibition series

annual exhibition series

annual exhibition series

applications open for 2024-2025

CCBC Gallery


starting september 2022 deadline: January 31, 2023



cost :

$25 USD

about the series

CCBC Gallery will exhibit craft that demonstrates a significant departure from the artist/curator’s current craft practice and that strengthens craft’s role in culture creation. The intent is to create opportunities for craft artists/curators to experiment freely, beyond their usual craft custom or practice. Experimentation may be in the areas of style, technique and/or concept.

Artists/curators will not be expected to work outside their area of expertise (although they may choose to do so) but will be given the opportunity to present work which may not be easily presented in conventional craft venues. Thus, the definition/expectations of contemporary craft may be further explored and investigated, and challenging conversations may ensue. 

Carnivals and Cotton Candy, part of 'Wonderments and Materiality' Exhibition | Jenny Judge, 2019
Movable tiles, part of 'Resilience' Exhibition | Fiona Duthie, 2019

The selection committee will be looking for bodies of work/installations that are cohesive, well considered, informative, and that challenge the artist, the curator and/or the viewing public. 

Each accepted artist will be assigned a curator who will work with them to contextualize their exhibition. Independent curators are also encouraged to apply for the exhibition space.

Available for CCBC Members. 

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