dancing lights

dancing lights

umbra & lux

december 1, 2020 – february 28, 2021

ccbc shop & gallery

As we enter a season with shorter days and longer nights, artists Claudine Gévry and Jean Gélinas, founders of Umbra & Lux Studio, present their Window Installation at the CCBC Gallery – Dancing Lights. 

Come view the installation from outside during your strolls on Granville Island, or come in during our gallery hours. See how to plan your safe visit

Dancing Lights is an installation of whimsical lights that illuminate the Gallery’s windows during the darkest months of the year. 

Umbra & Lux is a small studio that creates sculptural lights using various types of metals. They like to innovate and
continuously come up with new ideas of what a “light” could be. Because of this love of innovation and experimentation, their work is always changing and evolving.

The artists challenge the preconceived idea of lights being mostly utilitarian objects, and they see their work more as art pieces that have the added benefit of being light sources. They are particularly fond of subtle ambient lighting as they find it to be more human centric. They use art to diffuse light and to create eye friendly quality light sources. Additionally, the lights provide dancing shadows the mobiles cast with the slightest breeze.

For this installation, Claudine and Jean have created new lights inspired by their Orbs series. The cages where lights are enclosed are designed with special shapes and finishes, making them unique.

Each mobile is perfectly balanced and suspended at different heights, creating a dynamic and playful installation. The table lamps provide a static contrast, adding an extra layer of depth.

umbra & lux studio

Umbra & Lux was recently born in Vancouver, British Columbia at the iconic 1000 Parker Street Studios and has since moved to the nearby Mergatroid Building.

Two passionate minds with a strong love for art, design & the environment joined their respective strengths to create unique illuminated sculptures. A shared aesthetic vision brought them to leverage sophisticated materials to build featherweight and environmentally friendly mobile light art pieces that seem to float on air.


Claudine is a visual artist who passionately explores various mediums. As she masters new disciplines, the synergy it creates brings her unending threads of ideas to expand upon. Claudine is in charge of design; her lyrical side effortlessly brings spectators into her own dream world.

Jean is an innovator, a passionate environmentalist and is fascinated by sustainable technology. He spent years travelling and living on a sailboat. These experiences have made him very conscious of our fragile planet and the need to be creative to preserve the ecosystems we share with so many other species. Jean strives to create technology innovative products.

“This period of the year can be hard for many people and we believe that something like this installation can bring a few moments of happiness to its viewers.”