mythology’s fiercest females

mythology’s fiercest females

mythology's fiercest females

Monique Huynh

ccbc gallery

january 20 - february 10, 2022

artist talk

As a jewelry designer Monique Huynh aims to bridge the gap between storytelling and wearable art. This collection uses the power of history coupled with ancient mythology to highlight the feminine voice in popular mythology. The mythological figures considered in this exhibtion represent different contemporary movements: body dysmorphia, female equality, sexuality, survivors of gender-based violence, climate change and environmental protection. Stories of women who have been historically shamed or deemed frightening are reframed to show their misfortunes as something to be celebrated.  Here,  “fierce” is actually “strength.”  In turn, the power of storytelling inspires the viewer or potential wearer. The works presented spark conversation and celebrate the many aspects of womenhood.

Monique’s designs are inspired by her lived experience as a daughter and granddaughter of migrants who had to make the difficult decision to leave their war-torn motherland. In particular, she endeavors to incorporate the matriarchal cultural values that her mother and grandmothers brought with them from Vietnam.  Her jewelry designs tell the stories of powerful women who are resilient in the face of tragedy and hardship. 

Monique Huynh has been a visual storyteller for most of her life. Her formal education in the creative fields include an Environmental Design degree in the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Manitoba and a Communications Design degree from Emily Carr University. She worked as a senior graphic designer for social impact company LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics for almost a decade. She eventually left LUSH to pursue long-distance love and raise three sons. After spending most of her creative focus on the 2D world of design she decided she needed a medium that would allow her to put her design skills to use while also allowing her to be more tactile. She set out to learn a craft and soon landed on jewelry making. Currently she is enrolled in her second year of the Jewellery Art and Design program at VCC.

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