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CCBC Shop & Gallery, Granville Island (formally Crafthouse) is proud to feature exquisite hand-crafted contemporary items from over 100 of our member artisans. Choose from a wide selection of items across the mediums of ceramic, fibre, glass, jewellery, metal, mixed media and wood. By treating yourself (or someone else!) to a piece of contemporary hand-crafted art, you are adding something unique and wonderful to your life and supporting our talented local artists.

Since 1986, proceeds from CCBC Shop and Gallery have supported B.C's craftspeople and the programs and activities of the Craft Council of BC. Your purchases help to ensure the continued growth of a vibrant and diverse craft sector in B.C.

And our location? Granville Island offers a vibrant and diverse mix of people and activities. A destination so dynamic, no visit to the city is complete without spending at least a day here.

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Sell With Us

Are you a craftsperson interested in selling with the Craft Council of BC? - We exclusively sell the work of our members; if you haven't already become a member, now's the time! This can be done online through our Member Services page, where you can find out more about the the application process and the benefits of joining us.



1386 cartwright street.
vancouver. bc. v6h 3r8
Tel: 604-687-7270


September-April: Daily 10:30am-5:30pm
May-August: Daily 10:00am - 6pm
CLOSED Mondays in January

sandra ramos wall vases

Above: wall vases by Sandra Ramos

Artists You Will Find Here:

Kate Arkiletian
Carolyn DiPasquale
Jackie Frioud
Anyuta Gusakova
Russell Hackney
Denise Jeffrey
Grace Lee of eikcam ceramics
Ann Maliatski of Golem Designs
Vincent Massey
Meghan McCrone of Muddy Marvels Pottery
Sandra Ramos
Geraldine Rinkel
Jacqueline Robins
Sid Samphire
Gera Scott Chandler
Laura Van Der Linde
Nancy Walker

Catherine Barr
Monica Bennett
Kirsten Chursinoff
Deborah Dumka
Rene Evans
Marina Georgiadis
Don Gillard of Dig Leather Co.
Jane Kenyon
Kimiyo Kitamura
Keiko Kiyota
Bettina Matzkuhn
Jan McLeod
Dawn M Russell of Della Terra Designs
Louise Smith
Angelika Werth
Amanda Wood
Yvonne Wakabayashi

elk Studio Glass
Julian Duerksen
Lisa Harbidge of Spirit Rider Studio
Heather Konschuh
Hope Forstenzer
Jaan Poldaas
Bruce Thurston
Damaris Oakley of Redroom Art Glass Studio
Vanessa Gaudet of Lady Dragon Glassworks

Bridget Catchpole of Votum Designs
Madeleine Chisholm
Erin Christensen
Fia Cooper
Stuart Duncan of Wren Silverworks
Linda Freedman Katz
Amanda Green
June Hunter
Aleksandra Kalinic
Negar Kathami
Olympia Komianos
Kathy Kristmanson
Chi Cheng Lee
Joanna Lovett
Judi Patson
Linda Read
Debbie Ritchie
Joan Tayler
Dawn Teasdale
Nina Turczyn of Paprika Designs
Andrea Waines
Kari Woo
Billy Would Designs
Elnaz Zomorodian
Zula Jewelery + Design

Stefanie Dueck

Mixed Media
Rachael Ashe
Andrea Russell
Melanie Thompson

Ron Bazar of Arbutus Arts
Stuart Bowyer / Bowyer and Toulson
Neno Catania
Allan Cusworth
Michael Hamilton-Clark
Gerry Hebert
Wild Woods
Mark Salusbury
Mike Sasaki

Have You Thought About What You Buy?

Copper x Light from Tomo Suru Films on Vimeo.


CCBC Retail - Other Locations

Audain Art Museum - Whistler


4350 blackcomb way
whistler. bc
canada. v0n 1b4

Tel: 604.962.0413

Open Daily: 10am - 5pm (Closed Tuesdays)

Crafthouse YVR - Vancouver

Crathouse yvr_banner

domestic departure. level 3
vancouver international airport
vancouver. bc

Tel: 604-278-7949

Open Daily: 6:00am-9:00pm

Recently, one of our artists, Michael Hamilton-Clark, has had success in reaching an international audience through selling at Crafthouse YVR. Read more about his success here.

Artists Selling at Crafthouse YVR:

Trezlie Brooks
Heather Dahl
Carolyn DiPasquale
Jackie Frioud
Grace Lee
Lilach Lotan
Gillian McMillan
Margit Nellermann
Gailan Ngan
Sandra Ramos
Celia Rice-Jones
Keith Rice-Jones
Geri Rinkel
Jacqueline Robins
Kinichi Shigeno
Wanda Shum
Debra Sloan
Jasna Sokolovic
Joan Tayler
Laura Van Der Linde

Keiko Kiyota
Jocelyne Mange
Laura McKibbon
Wendy Murphy
Kaija Rautianinen
Andrea Russell
Robi Smith
Deanna Welters

Jill Allan
Julian Duerksen
Bonny Houston

Melissa Abram
Gera Scott Chandler
Madeleine Chisholm
Fran Feuer
Monica Gewurz
Tania Gleave
June Hunter
Karin Jones
Kathy Kristmanson
Naomi Levitin
Joanna Lovett
Caroline Miller
Judi Patson
Linda Read
Diane Tordjman
Kristal Vinas

Mixed Media
June Hunter
Andrea Russell
Wanda Shum

Ron Bazar
Gerry Hebert
Christine Kelly

LSTR - Victoria International Airport

pre-security arrivals hall
victoria international airport
victoria. bc

Monday-Sunday: 5:30am-9:00pm

Artists Selling at LSTR Victoria International Airport:

Grace Lee

Kaarina Talvila

Bruce Thurston

Damaris Oakley
Linda Read

Corporate Program

Have you been looking for the perfect thank you gifts for your upcoming events? Unique gifts are a great way to showcase our BC culture to your keynotes at workshops and conferences. The Craft Council of BC can help connect you to local artists to commission custom works or purchase existing pieces.

Crafts are also perfect gifts for annual staff awards, client or employee recognition, promotional initiatives and holiday celebrations. If you are interested in getting artworks for Christmas 2018, you need to order by October 15th 2018 to receive them in time for this Christmas.




 KFoC BC YK Citizen's Leadership Award

"We wanted the award to reflect the spirit of our [Citizen's Leadership] initiative. What better way than to highlight and support the work of a BC artist. Through the guidance and assistance of The Crafts Council of British Columbia, Vancouver-based artist Hope Forstenzer was commissioned to create a beautiful and meaningful sculptural glasswork to serve as the award. I would like to thank The Crafts Council of British Columbia for their support and encourage you to consider the commissioning of work by BC artists for your corporate recognition needs."

~ Dr Karen Philp
Executive Director (2015)
The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch

“The work I did for the Kidney Foundation was an amazing experience on many levels. First, it was an opportunity that I would never have had if not for CCBC. Second, it was a chance to use glass to do work for a great cause. And finally, it showed what happens when craft becomes part of how the greater community at large comes together and celebrates itself.”
~ Hope Forstenzer
CCBC Artist Member



"I am a wood turner and, as a CCBC member artist, I was delighted to be commissioned to provide items for the Corporate Program earlier this year. The items were sixteen 9-inch bowls in English Walnut ordered as annual service awards. It is gratifying that thought was given to supporting local craft and I derive considerable pleasure in knowing that things I make are appreciated and put to good use. The Corporate Program deserves to flourish and continue to provide a useful link between local artists and the Corporate community for the provision of various forms of gifts and presentation items."

~ Michael Hamilton Clark
CCBC Member Artist


To look at more of our products, set up a consultation or get connected with one of our artists please contact us by completing our enquiry form.