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les grande dames

‘Les Grande Dames’ is an assemblage of figures depicting women as distinct entities.
Debra Sloan
june 6 – jul 25

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phase transition

a mixed-media installation that references the concept of the physical shifting of material from one phase to another.
jenny judge

author reading: september 28, 2023, 6:30p

opening reception: september 28, 2023, 7-9p
on view in gallery: september 28 – november 23, 2023

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the chorus

a series of weavings, each containing
its own morse code message.
joanna rogers

on view in gallery: febuary 23 – april 20, 2023

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the earring show 2023

an annual CCBC exhibition highlighting contemporary jewellery design.
over 100 artists from around the world

opening reception: may 4, 2023
on view in gallery: may 4 – may 18, 2023
online: may 4 – july 31, 2023

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carrying water

water, in a geopolitical frame,
is a most precious resource.
bettina matzkuhn

on view in gallery: may 25 – july 20, 2023

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the drawn and crafted object

the birth of an idea, its many ramblings,
and its finished form.
yalda bozorg, miriam de langley, bettina matzkuhn & marney mcdiarmid
curator: jenny judge

on view in gallery: october 6 – november 24, 2022

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sculptures, textiles, and paintings – all inspired by the oceans and the creatures who live in them.
the artists of division 3, grade six

on view in gallery: may 25 – 29, 2022

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our inaugural fundraising auction and exhibition.
features the work of 33 artists

on view in gallery: february 15 – march 1, 2022

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a rare glimpse into the creative process, and the outcomes achieved through meditating
on those practices.
vancouver metal arts association

on view in gallery: march 3 – april 28, 2022

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a multi-faceted participatory
performance and exhibition.
joe ink, patrick christie, stefanie dueck, deb dumka, hope forstenzer, debra sloan & the CCBC

on view in the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Milton and Fei Wong Experimental Theatre SFU: may 20 – 22, 2022

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all consuming

consumption, waste, and the global circulation of consumer goods.
amy gogarty

on view in gallery: june 16 – august 4, 2022

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quiet places

developing links between ceramics, encaustic painting, printmaking and bookbinding.
bev ellis, debra frances & sue gordon

on view in gallery: august 11 – september 29, 2022

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patterns of influence

cut paper art, installation, and sculpture, inspired by a maximalist’s love of surface design.
rachael ashe

on view in gallery: may 20 – july 1, 2021

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hooked rugs exploring the implications of fast fashion and consumer textile waste.
nadine flagel

on view in gallery: january 21 – march 4, 2021

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aiming to enlighten, inspire and educate
its audience.
features 30 invited artists: 15 from England and 15 from Canada

on view in gallery: march 11 – april 22, 2021

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a multi sensory exploration of the ways cloth mediates care and time.
amanda wood

on view in gallery: july 8 – august 19, 2021

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eye c u

a series of works exploring how we understand sameness and difference across time and space.
trish graham

on view in gallery: august 26 – october 7, 2021

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fruits of my labour

decorative plastic fruit covered in
recycled swimsuit lycra.
louise perrone

on view in gallery: october 14 – november 25, 2021

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a series of sculptures exploring themes of attachment, significance and influence.
fia cooper

on view in gallery: october 1 – november 12, 2020

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beneath the Salish Sea

a selection of the 113 marine species that have been listed as being endangered or of concern.
debbie katz

on view in gallery: june 19 – august 31, 2020

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personal and material geographies

investigating contemporary craft production in the region as influenced by the artists’ experiences and geographical ties.
in partnership with the Italian Cultural Centre

on view in the Italian Cultural Centre:
september 10 – december 11, 2020

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the earring show 2020

an annual CCBC exhibition highlighting contemporary jewellery design.
58 artists from across North America

hosted online: may 9 – june 30, 2020

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using creative practice to explore and discover
new materials, techniques and the status quo.
in partnership with the vancouver metal arts association

on view online

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