ccbc gallery
ccbc gallery
The CCBC Shop & Gallery are located at our craft house on Granville Island. We invite you to stop by and see what’s living in the CCBC Gallery! Our address: 1386 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8. View map

debbie katz

Through the use of colour and felt, this artist brings to attention the importance of keeping our waters clean and healthy.

beneath the Salish Sea

This is a crucial time for many of the marine animals that live beneath the Salish Sea; an inland sea that encompasses the waters surrounding the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands. This display highlights a selection of the 113 marine species that have been listed as being endangered or of concern. The intention of this display is to provoke concern and thought of protecting this habitat from pollution, over-fishing, and other threats. This will ensure the necessary recovery of these endangered marine mammals, fish and even people who depend on these waters.

looking glass: the apertura series

Coming soon to the CCBC gallery – Looking Glass: The Apertura Series, an exhibition by glass artist Laura Murdoch

15 vessels

This exhibition will include fifteen cut and polished sculptural bowls, each one its own entity, on its own pedestal,  separate from the others. The concept of the “containment” of a vessel is still central to Murdoch’s work but in a more open form that allows more light to shine in and reveal the inner workings of each vessel, creating a dialogue between light and layers.

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