the drawn and crafted object

September 13, 2022

the birth of an idea, its many ramblings,
and its finished form.
yalda bozorg, miriam de langley, bettina matzkuhn & marney mcdiarmid
curator: jenny judge

on view in gallery: october 6 – november 24, 2022


May 10, 2022

sculptures, textiles, and paintings – all inspired by the oceans and the creatures who live in them.
the artists of division 3, grade six

on view in gallery: may 25 – 29, 2022


January 4, 2022

our inaugural fundraising auction and exhibition.
features the work of 33 artists

on view in gallery: february 15 – march 1, 2022


January 3, 2022

a rare glimpse into the creative process, and the outcomes achieved through meditating
on those practices.
vancouver metal arts association

on view in gallery: march 3 – april 28, 2022


January 2, 2022

a multi-faceted participatory
performance and exhibition.
joe ink, patrick christie, stefanie dueck, deb dumka, hope forstenzer, debra sloan & the CCBC

on view in the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Milton and Fei Wong Experimental Theatre SFU: may 20 – 22, 2022

quiet places

January 1, 2022

developing links between ceramics, encaustic painting, printmaking and bookbinding.
bev ellis, debra frances & sue gordon

on view in gallery: august 11 – september 29, 2022